I was on the phone chatting it up with a friend

the other evening and somehow we maneuvered ourselves into a conversation about flowers.  He recently purchased a new home and asked a very good question…”I want flowers. What kind should I buy?”  My initial response was “whatever kind you like”.

Now, admittedly I’m no expert on these natural beauties  so I did what any red-blooded human being would do in 2010…I took to the web!  Based on my research turns out that wasn’t such a bad answer.   I know that flowers can be synonymous with “girly girls” but men, don’t be afraid to incorporate flowers into your own personal decorating style.

So get yourselves over to a flower shop, Home Depot, or even better your local farmer’s market to pick out what suits you.   More than likely you’ll gravitate toward less “fluffy” looking arrangements and more toward the streamlined ones.  Less pastels- more bold colors.

Consider these manly options for your space.  These are Dendrobium orchids.

images by: www.orchidexpress.com and www.flowerpatchnj.com