Remember I mentioned on Monday that I had a friend who needed help with a special project…this was it!  It went something like this “I have a huge favor…can I use your entry, living room and kitchen on Tuesday?” It was late Saturday night, I was laying on the couch, house was in complete disarray and OH NO!  The majority of my art work is still in Indy on consignment at Bfly! My walls are bare!!  But I did what any good friend would do…I said yes and got busy styling the house for the shoot.

Can’t wait to see the video when it’s finished!

Here are some pics to hold us over ; )

Thanks J. Tait for taking such great pictures!  How did “Struck by Chuck” not make it into a single one??

Dwele on set for “I Understand” Video

Makda getting ready {Dwele’s Video Shoot “I Understand”}

Makda, Ron Dance & J. Charles {Dwele's Video Shoot "I Understand"}

Khaaliq running the camera {Dwele’s Video Shoot “I Understand”}

J. Tait taking a break {Dwele’s Video Shoot “I Understand”}

This picture cracks me up. Ron and Marv are looking at me like I'm crazy lol {Dwele's Video Shoot "I Understand"}

Me, Dwele and Khaaliq {Dwele's Video Shoot "I Understand}

"I want you to feel it" {Dwele's Video Shoot "I Understand"}

Me stepping in as make up artist {Dwele's Video Shoot "I Understand"}

Me and Makda! {Dwele's Video Shoot "I Understand"}

Some where along the way was a grilled cheese request! {Dwele's Video Shoot "I Understand"}

Dwele and Makda {Dwele’s Video Shoot “I Understand”}

“How did we look?” {Dwele’s Video Shoot “I Understand”}