Fresh off the plane from Miami!

I must have said “hace calor” like 1,000 times throughout the weekend.  That and “no pare! sigue sigue!” courtesy of the super-duper crunk party goers who were monopolizing our hotel pool at The Strand (see Fontainebleau for private cabana the following day lol)  Nonetheless, my girlfriends and I had an amazing time.  It was a much needed catch up session and what better place than Miami to soak up the sun and take in the beautiful scenery…

Check out pieces of my Miami Beach weekend

Miami Beach

I'm missing the pool at The Fontainebleau already!

Our Cabana at Fontainebleau--AMAZING!

Spotted a cute hat close by...

More views of the beach!

We got all dolled up for dinner at Mr. Chow! I would show you more pictures of my girlfriends posing too, but I think they'd kill

Look what we found... a free art show at the Art Deco Welcome Center!


"Morning Glory"--Neta Levi

In between sunbathing, stuffing our faces and art shows we walked around a few shops...aren't these fun?! Door stoppers at Helium

More fun colors at Helium

Humongous soaps at Helium

Oh no! I forget the name of the store that is selling these! I lost the card. It didn't make the trip home. I wanted some of these! Colorful and 2 fav things =)

Must I go into West Elm in every city I'm in? Evidently! I love this duvet...

I was trying to get to The Design District the day we were leaving, but the cab driver dropped me off at the Shops of Midtown Miami. I didn't know any better so I walked around for a bit and then of course needed a little something sweet.

I know you wanted a peek =) These were even better than they looked! I'm a fan!

I think the May Glamour says it best!

"Bye- Bye" from Miami! Besos!