This just in!  The pleas of my college friend, Jimmy…

“Yo, Raynee!…shark grey walls and charcoal grey couch…colorful accessories or black and white? help!”

No worries!  We’ll find the perfect solution and I’m thinking a combo of the two?  I picked out a little of both to see which he prefers.  I think this is a good start to get the vintage- urban-chic look that he’s going for.  Especially, when you consider what he already has going on in the space.  The picks below can be mixed and matched, all black and white or all color.  We’ll let Jimmy be the judge!

First things first… check out his digs!!  Lovin it!!

Jimmy is originally from Nashville so I thought he could appreciate these iconic  Nashville black and white photos from  A little vintage if you will…

Let’s kick it up a notch and add a little color…can you make out the people in the images?  These are all from and come in various sizes and individual pieces.



And now for some cool area rug options from

I just so happen to know that he fancies red (or should I say crimson) so I’m going to throw this one in for good measure…

I know guys aren’t normally into a zillion decorative pillows, but I think a few of these would spice up the living room quite nicely.  Don’t ya think?  Check out these from  The last pair is from

It’s times like these when I wish I could hop in the car and bring all of these over so I could style the place myself!  I can see all the possibilities!  He has a great place to work with.
Jimmy, hope you find something useful or at the very least are inspired!
Share with us what you decide to go with!