Colorful feather earrings are ALL the rage!

Have you seen any super cool ones?

Check out  Etsy.  I LOVE these! Scratch that…I’m crazy about them!

If there’s a more fun earring I can’t imagine what it could possibly look like, right? So much color and drama…Magnifique!

This is just a sample of some of my favs.  It was hard to choose!  There’s a ton of them on the site.


Meet “Selena” from my 2nd collection!

She likes feather earrings too.  She’s so en vogue ; )

Even my nail tech ( and long time confidant) is joining in the trend with feather hair extentions.  It looks really cute on her!  Of course, it was the first thing I noticed when I saw her today.  I’m so tempted to get one!

*pictures of feather earrings taken from ETSY.  Hover over the pic to see seller