I’ve been totally distracted!

I’ve been elbow deep in paint for the last few days…I was inspired!  I can’t show her to you quite yet.  She’s not all the way complete, but she’ll be making her debut soon enough.

I just realized I posted my 100th post last week!  Yippee!  Time flies when you’re having fun…

Speaking of fun! I have a cool give away (in case you haven’t heard) going on thru Sept. 16th- my birthday.  This year I’m celebrating by GIVING YOU A GIFT!  The rules are super duper simple.

  • Email me (see t.v. upper right hand side) a clear picture of your favorite home accessory.  This is mine!
  • along with a couple of sentences about why you love it
  • lastly, subscribe to my blog and you can consider yourself entered to win!

Winner receives custom art work by me!

If you’re a first timer and you’ve never seen my pieces check em out.  Here are a few…

Simple enough?  Can’t wait to see which accessory you choose!

Be COLORful!

*pics taken by me