I don’t know how many of you know this, but Dwele can pretty much make anything out of wood!

I caught wind of this little project on Twitter and of course I texted him immediately and told him I wanted one!  Hmmm, now that I think about it he never quite said yes lol, but he did share with me these cool photos and his process.

Here’s how he made it…

“I started with some random wood from Home Depot.  When I go there they always look at me crazy, cause I never know the names of the materials I need. Example- “where do I go to get the thin wood sheets?” Worker- “Uuh.. How thin?” Me -“About this thin.” (pinches fingers) “Oh, and I need one of those round wooden sticks too…”  It usually ends up with “Well what are you making? this probably isn’t what you need.” They never get the vision till I come back with a picture lol.  I say all of this to say, If I don’t use the correct terms in my description, you already have my disclaimer.

I started with an 8ft piece for the legs.  I cut three 16 inch pieces (because i have a low sectional) and one slightly shorter because its supporting the smaller 45 record that’s mounted underneath the 12 in. record.  I supported the records with the “thin sheet” of wood by tracing the record onto the wood and making a cut out with a saw.  I connected the two bases and drilled the legs into the table before bonding the record to it, then used the “round wooden sticks” for support.  This is just the first draft, the next few I make will probably be beefier and I want to use glass…imagine THAT Home Depot visit…”


I’ll be thinking of which records I want and get right back to ya…just as soon as I figure out which ones have cool shades of blues and greens…; )

*Photos taken by Dwele

Be COLORful!