Hey Guys!

It’s my birthday today and so far I’ve had a blast!  Long walk on the River Walk (and the DeQuindre Cut), amazing breakfast and just received this birthday cake!  Thanks, Kelly!!  Can’t wait to cut into this baby!  Yep…it’s a cake from Cold Stone *doing a little dance*

I gave myself 2 birthday gifts this year.  The first…a new haircut!  I was a little nervous and it was a last-minute decision, but I threw caution to the wind and went for it!  Do you guys like it?  It’s shorter in the back and longer on the sides.

I also bought myself these super awesome lip glosses from Bare Minerals. Love! This collection is called “Sweet Talkers”. The cool thing is that 3 of the shades are the three best-selling shades in the US, UK and Japan!  I feel so in the know.  I got these from QVC by the way…yep, I got caught up.  I can see QVC being dangerous! lol

I’ve received so many texts, calls, Facebook messages, tweets and cards….I feel SO LOVED!  I love my friends and family so much!!  I’m so thankful for you all and appreciate your love on my birthday and every day for that matter. Muah!

Ok, now, it’s time for dinner.  I promised my girls I’d be on time so I gotta run! (I’ll post bday dinner pics later)

Enjoy the rest of your day…smooches!

*pics taken by the birthday girl*