Puerto Rico was awesome!

4 days of fun in the sun, shopping, dining out and chillaxin with my bestie, Trina!  It was a surprise invitation courtesy of Trina and her most generous friend, Jamia  (who’s fab condo we stayed in) and boy was it right on time.  Thanks, Tree & Jamia!

Here’s to 2012!

Me and Trina at dinner NYE.  We go back to the early 90’s…’nough said.


Champagne.  Man, that Walgreens has everything! lol

A toast to 2012!

One of the highlights of our trip was meeting Rodney.  We watched him climb a palm tree, pull down palm leaves and make this bowl… among other things.  I had to have one!

How awesome is Rodney? He also shared his coconut water with us.  Very nice guy and the more we chatted him up found out he’s a total jack of all trades!!

We stayed in the Condado area for the majority of the time

but for one night we ventured to El Conquistador in Fijardo.  Fantastic resort! Our driver to Fijardo was THEE ABSOLUTE BEST.  Cesar was so sweet and accommodating.  Cesar, we love you!

We saw “El Yunque” on the way…

View from our room

Other photos as we were out and about…

El Conquistador’s private beach…

Yep, it’s feeling like a good year already…

*pictures taken by me, Trina and random guy on the street

Although we’re already 10 days in….I think it’s still acceptable…Happy New Year!!

Be COLORful!