I was sold the moment I knew what a loft was.

So cool, artsy and modern!  High ceilings, exposed duct work, brick walls; I love it all.

I like how light and airy this one feels.

Notice the stone in this place

How would you like to wait for breakfast here?

I like the contrasting black staircase.

Great big windows!

I used to live in a loft and I loved it!  I should dig up some pictures and share with you guys.  That was almost 10 years ago!  I often drive by my old digs and reminisce about my life back then.  So carefree.  Those were the days…before home ownership and maintenance! You home owners know what I mean ; )

* pics by urbnlivn, bonjourquebec, ghp1, moiraonline

Happiest of Tuesdays!

Be COLORful!