I decided last minute to drive to Indy to check out the Super Bowl 46 festivities!

I mean, how often is the Super Bowl hosted in your home town? (If you’re from Indiana, anyway).  So, my dear friend Starla ventured out with me on a cold and rainy Saturday to see what all the fuss was about.

Very impressed!  Job well done! NAP on the MAP!

Here are some snapshots I was able to manage in between the rain drops…

Downtown Indy

There were tons of food trucks (although I only captured 1) around the Monument Circle.  It was hard to decide which to try!

We chose this one.  Everything on the menu is made from local ingredients.  I had a pulled pork sandwich. Yum!

HUGE attraction on “The Circle”.  We should have tried to climb up and sit on the “L”, but I think that would have been frowned upon.

Super Bowl Village

(where all the festivities were)



Home town Girl


The zip line had to be one of the coolest attractions! I wanted to do it, but who are we kidding…I’m a scardy cat when it comes to stuff like that, but my official excuse is that it was “sold out” which sounds much more cool and was the truth.

(Look at the top.  This is where you get strapped in)

This is someone riding upside down! Super brave! 

Long cold days require hot chocolate

Even through the rain we had a great time!  From the press, it sounds like we weren’t the only ones.  There were loads of activities all week as you can imagine.  These pics don’t come close to capturing the whole experience.  Too bad we only had a day to enjoy it, but it was enough to feel a part of Indy’s first Super Bowl.  If I was a betting woman I would say we’ll  see another in the future… 

and next time lets see those COLTS!

 Thanks, Starla for enduring the rain!!


*pics taken by Me

Be COLORful!