Every now and then I feel like I need to mix stuff up at home.  Call it boredom or just a constant need to feed my insatiable desire to create visually appealing and functional spaces. How about you…are you feeling uninspired at home?  Believe it or not, I think you can love the home you’re in!  These are just a few recommendations to get your creativity flowing.  Ya know, point you in the right direction.

  1. Pick a décor style

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Have you ever given much thought to what your particular design style is?  I think the first question to probably ask yourself is “what do I like?” Traditional, Modern, Eclectic or the ever popular “Chip and Jo Jo” Farm House style ?  You may have zero idea and that’s fine too.  Chances are you might even like multiple styles. I’ll make it easy for you. Consider taking this survey from Apartment Therapy to nail down your preferences. Remember, our styles can change.  My taste now is certainly different from my 20’s. Next step, find a picture(s) that inspires you and try and recreate that look in your own space. If you would like to keep your larger pieces of furniture then maybe just focus more on the accessories.  Rugs, pillows, art work, book cases, shelving, storage solutions and other decorative accessories go a long way to turning a space around. Put your own spin on it, don’t get too overwhelmed and most importantly have fun!

Sidenote:  I took the quiz too and I scored high for Warm Industrial!  I do love that look. I would probably consider my style to be rustic, modern-ish, transitional, eclectic is that a real category? Ha! I also think you have to be mindful of the space you’re in.  If you live in a Colonial style home, decorating it with an Asian theme may not be the best choice (but what do I know?)

2. Bring the outside in


If you have a kitchen you must have an aloe plant, in my humble opinion.  I bought mine from Whole Foods about 3 years ago and now it’s huge. They’re great for burns as most of you know. Think about adding a floor plant or two. Do a little research, consider the sun exposure in your space and see what might grow well.  My aunt gave me a plant that (get this) came from my grandmother’s funeral service in the 80’s!  The original plant was separated over and over again and replanted time after time.  30 years later I have an offspring from that original plant. I think that’s so cool! No pressure to keep it alive and thriving though…sheesh!

3. Buy a cool piece of art work


Find something that really grabs your attention.  Shop local or on-line to find something really unique. Art work lasts forever and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you love it, buy it! I’ve been known to tear pages out of a magazine and frame them.

P.S. What kind of artist would I be if I didn’t make a small shameless plug for Raynee + color?! I do custom pieces too. Email me!

4. Add a fun rug to your kitchen


Friends, do not limit yourself to the kitchen rug aisle in Target.  *This just in*… you can use a fun runner for your galley kitchen or a 5×7 smack dab in the middle of that bad boy.

5. Think outside the box


Resist the temptation to follow the status quo. Some would say “Decorating rules? There aren’t any!” If you’re in to patterns. Go for it! If you’re looking for some inspiration google something like “mixed patterns in home decor” and see what comes up!

6. Paint the Door Red! (or blue)


Try a fun color on your ceiling, your front door (add a really cool knocker) or your hallway! I love how color instantly changes a vibe. The best part is you can paint over it if it doesn’t turn out how you want it to.

7. Add curb appeal

Curb appeal makes all the difference regardless of the size of your home.  You can make your exterior look like a million bucks with landscaping and lighting.

8. De-clutter


This is so hard for me!  It’s like I have a barrier in my brain that won’t let me easily recognize clutter. Am I alone?  I have to really force myself to purge and get organized.  A clutter free space feels larger and neater (obviously).  The added benefit is a de-cluttered mind too! What to do with all that free space in your brain?  Dream up more amazing decorating ideas, of course ; )

How are you loving the home you’re in? Please share!

Be COLORful,