The Holiday season is upon us!  Hope you all had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving.  Mine was great.  Lots of food, family, friends and shopping.  Just the way I like it!

How are your Christmas trees coming along?

Yes, folks this is mine!  I know it’s extra tiny, but I just love it and it’s super easy to put “up” (after all, you just yank it out of the cabinet and shake it out a bit).  This year I got the colorful ornaments from Target along with the topper.  The peacock feathers I got from Micheals.  I was actually going to use them in a painting project, but I thought they jazzed up the tree quite nicely so I borrowed them for the holidays.

In other holiday decorating news, REAL SIMPLE has some super cute ideas on their website.  My friend, Starla, pointed these out to me.  I love these stencils.  How cute!  They added construction paper to give them more dimension and add a little more color.  This is a fresh idea for holiday decorating.

Peace & Joy…yes, please!

Image from REAL SIMPLE














Check out these 2 mantels.  I really like both of them.  Especially, the one with the “wrapped presents”.

How creative is that?

Image from REAL SIMPLE














Image from REAL SIMPLE














Here’s a couple  snapshots of my mantel and fireplace.   I kept it “real simple”.  My mom goes ALL out with her Christmas decorations.  I’m always off enjoying hers this time of year!  I’ll share some of those pictures later.  It’ll be a real treat.  She’s a pro!













































I also like the idea of using glassware for holiday decorating.

Look how these ordinary foods instantly look festive!

I chose ornaments for my vases.

Image from REAL SIMPLE


























So tell me…how are you jazzin’ up your space for the holidays?


P.S.  I’m hosting a teeny tiny Christmas dinner party in a couple of weeks and this is a sneak peek of my decor.

Can you guess what it is?