Happy Friday!  We got our first REAL snow fall last night!  Ahhh, there’s nothing like Christmas time and snow.  They just kindof go hand in hand don’t they?  I wish I could have enjoyed it more but unfortunately (and really I mean fortunately) I was slushing around in it this morning loading my car for an art show tomorrow!  I will be one of the vendors at the Premiere Holiday Bazzar @  Butterfly Consignment in Indianapolis!  I’m really excited!  ART by Raynée  for Color Vision is once again on the move!  This has been an amazing year.  I’m really proud to be showcasing my collection for the last time in 2010 in my hometown.  I have some new ideas brewing for 2011.  Can’t wait to share!

Meet Veronica.

She’ll be on consignment for the next several months along with 8 of her sisters 😉

"Veronica" 20" x 16"--Art by Raynée for Color Vision