Only 1 day left until my 2nd annual (very intimate; meaning small with minimal fuss) Christmas dinner!  I’m really looking forward to it.  About 5 girls are coming over and dirty rice, salad and winter sangria are on the menu.  This is the first time I’m making sangria.  Hopefully, it’s a crowd favorite!  I googled the recipe literally standing in the wine aisle at the grocery store.  Check it out.  “Winter White” is the one I’m trying.  Sounds yummy, right?

So this evening it’s all about cleaning and making sure the holiday decor and table setting is coming together.

My mom gave me this wreath last year. I added my favorite dollar Christmas ornaments from Target.  I love them for their fun vibrant colors.

I bought these wine bottle covers probably 2 or 3 years ago from CVS (or maybe  it was Walgreens?).  I LOVE these!  They’re so cute.  I pull these out every year.  They’re good for entertaining and for giving as a gift along with a bottle of wine.  These are cute too.

And here’s my centerpiece.  This is a cake plate with…you guessed it!  My dollar Christmas ornaments from Target!  These add a little colorful holiday fun to the table.  The cake plate is nice because it’s not too high, but not too low either.

Who else is hosting a holiday dinner? How is your decor shaping up?