Yep!  We’ve got an all new look courtesy of Boutique by Design

Sorry, my site has been down for the last couple days.  As you can see there was some major construction taking place!  Kim from Boutique by Design was so fantastic to work with.  I told her today that I was going to miss her exciting daily emails updating me on the progress.  My inbox will NOT be the same without her!  I couldn’t be happier.  Check her out if you’re in the market to give your business a facelift!  Tell her I sent ya!  You can find her link  here in the 3rd column.

Wondering how you even begin a project like this?  Well, I took it back to basics and drew out a diagram of what I had in mind.  For me, searching through a million WordPress themes wasn’t getting me any closer to what I wanted.  Actually, it was boxing me in!  I decided to take it to the ol’ trusty blank sheet of paper, ruler and pen.  As you can tell, my site doesn’t look EXACTLY like the diagrams, but it was the perfect starting point.  What you see now derived from those sheets of paper.  Pretty cool! Hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am…

My notes–new website development