Meet Angeline, Bridgett and their favorite accessories!!

“My living room has been boring for years.  Last week my mother and sister decided to go shopping for home decor and we ended up at Michael’s. After hours going back and forth on what I liked and didn’t like, they were able to pull together this beautiful arrangement which compliments the room wonderfully.  Its beauty and the time spent with my family creating it makes this piece priceless”.


Aww, so sweet, Angeline!

“This is my favorite home accessory! This is a napkin holder that I got for $5 from Tuesday Morning in Maryland.  The best part is that I wasn’t sure what it was intended for when it was created, but when I saw it I knew it would be perfect for my powder room.  The color matches my wall and it fits my hand towels perfectly!  Everyone who sees it just falls in love with it just like I did when I saw it!


Very cute, Bridgett!

Great home accessories, Ladies!!  Thanks for sharing them with us!

Birthday Give Away Rules are super simple.  Here they are again.

  • Email me (see t.v. upper right hand side) a clear picture of your favorite home accessory.  This is mine!
  • along with a couple of sentences about why you love it
  • lastly, subscribe to my blog and you can consider yourself entered to win!

Winner receives custom art work by me!!

My birthday is in 3 days which means you have ONLY 3 more days to enter! Don’t be late! While I’m off eating birthday cake I hope you’ll be sending me photos!  So excited to be giving someone a gift this year for my birthday…fun way to celebrate.  Can’t wait to see who wins!!

*photos by Angeline and Bridgett

Be COLORful!