Hey Guys,

I planned on finishing a painting I’ve been working on, but honestly after the tragic news about Whitney Houston on Saturday, I couldn’t pull my eyes away from CNN.  So sad! Like most of you, I grew up singing along to her music.  As a little girl, I loved  “how will I know” among her other hits.  Heart and prayers go out to her family and friends.  What an icon. She will definitely be missed.

Sunday, some friends and I caught the last night of the Rembrandt exhibit “The Face of Jesus” at the DIA.  Really enjoyed it!  I learned a lot about his inspiration, life and Amsterdam during that time period.

This is a pamphlet from the museum.

I wanted to get a Rembrandt memento, but couldn’t find anything with the painting that I liked on it. It was the last night so pickens were slim.  Check out the exhibit if it comes to your city!

Oh, but I did manage to snag these colorful bracelets and ring made in Kenya from the main gift shop.  Ready for Spring!

*pics taken by me

*gold bangle from Hecho a Mano (Puerto Rico)

Be COLORful!