A few weeks ago I attempted to change a light bulb  in my ceiling fan and wound up unscrewing the entire thing!  As in hanging on (literally) by a thread…in this case it was a wire.  What a mess.  In my defense, it was tricky to get the cover for the bulb off.  I know, but really.

Long story short it got me thinking about ceiling fan options.  The one I have has a black base and brown blades.  Yep, it doesn’t match a thing or blend in for that matter.   I’m not a huge fan of ceiling fans, but I’m one of those people that need them.  Especially, on my 2nd floor during the blazin’ Summer months.

So, as I was looking for a potential replacement I came across this!

Why had I never thought of a clear acrylic ceiling fan?  Duh!

It basically becomes invisible and doesn’t fight with your decor.

I’m liking this idea…a lot.

*ceiling fan found at amazon

Be COLORful!