Oh how I’ve missed you so!!

I know I have some explaining to do…for starters, you’ll be very happy to know that I’ve been very busy painting my tail off.

Secondly, remember when I attended the Design Bloggers Conference last year? Well, at the conference one of the suggestions from a speaker was to not apologize or get into a lengthy explanation for why you haven’t been blogging….basically, no one cares.  Is that true?  Have you guys missed me as much as I’ve missed you? LOL  So anyway, I won’t get into a long drawn out explanation other than to say that if I could figure out how to work a full-time job, paint & market artwork,workout, have a life AND blog I would totally blog on a regular…*HUGE SIGH* I’m working on it!

In the meantime, enjoy these snapshots from an event I hosted with some girlfriends called “Art and Fashion in the Garden” (I think you’ll recognize the “garden” ; ).  This was a merchandising party idea to sell artwork from yours truly, super cute shoes and custom earrings.  We had a blast!  I received 14 custom orders!  So thankful!

I showcased 11 new pieces at this event.  This was the last one I created.

The remaining 10…

Check out Erica’s cute shoes! Want to see more of her stylish collection?  Visit E. Laine Shoes here.

Here’s a close up of her Summer collection.  I love the mustard wedge.  My fav!


Iris in the “garden” (how fitting…hee hee).  She makes really pretty earrings!

Here’s a pair I had to have to match my dress the day of the event.

More of Iris’s collection…

My friends Jina and Deanna surprised me with sweet treats to share with guests…yum!

Well, there you have it.  The event was a success!  Erica and Iris both sold lots of shoes, earrings and other accessories.  I look forward to doing this again sometime soon. I will say that I learned a big lesson.  I really need to have someone else taking pictures.  I missed so much.  Like photos of the actual guests and the set up…ahh, the set up!  It was so cute!  LOL I was too busy entertaining ; )

*pics taken by me, Iris and Erica

Be COLORful!