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8 Ways to Love the Home You’re In

Every now and then I feel like I need to mix stuff up at home.  Call it boredom or just a constant need to feed my insatiable desire to create visually appealing and functional spaces. How about you...are you feeling uninspired at home?  Believe it or not, I think you...

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Land of the Blue, Black and Gray?? 

Hi, Guys!  This week I recieved an email from and I just thought this was kind of interesting so I wanted to share. Who would have thought that blue, black and gray are the most popular colors for home decor across the country?? Not me! ...

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Raynee + color: Wood 

Happy Friday, Everyone!  Meet one of my newer pieces! Rustic + glam.     Have a wonderful weekend!  Be COLORful!  Xo,...

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10 Decor Pieces for Your Home

I ran across this article on twitter from POPSUGAR and the first thing I thought was "oh no!  I hope I have all these things!" given that I'm a smidge over 30 wink- wink. Take a look. "30-somethings" how do you stack up? If you don't have all these things... no...

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Let’s (Tea) Party!

I think I'm in the mood for a tea party! Or maybe a coffee party?  Is that even a thing?  Anywho... Thanks to my mom for picking this set out for me! She got it from a second hand store. I love it. So fun and "me".   Are you into fun tableware?  Seen any cute...

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